Masses Rise in Rebellion after MPD Murder George Floyd

FTP-Twin Cities MINNEAPOLIS- Monday evening, George Floyd, a Black man, was murdered in South Minneapolis by a white pig from the Minneapolis Police Department. The white pig kneeled on Floyd’s neck as Floyd (as well as many bystanders) pleaded for the officer to remove his knee from his neck, all the while the pig’s partners stood by, doing nothing to stop the murder. The officer remained in this position for almost eight minutes after Floyd lost consciousness, with the reasonable assumption that he knew he was 1) restricting Floyd’s breathing to the point of causing him to lose a consciousness and … Continue reading Masses Rise in Rebellion after MPD Murder George Floyd

Indianapolis Pigs Murder Dreasjon Reed

Comrade Delphi INDIANAPOLIS: At 6:15 pm on May 6th, police in the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) shot and killed 21 year old Dreasjon Reed. Witnesses and evidence from a Facebook live stream, made by Reed himself, indicate that he was shot in the back while running from police. The live video was taken down following the shooting but a portion, including the moment of the shooting, remains. Reed can be seen driving his car where he then exits on 62nd and Michigan street and is pursued by police. After a few seconds Reed falls to the ground and at least … Continue reading Indianapolis Pigs Murder Dreasjon Reed