Rock Against Fascism-Chicago Hosts Benefit Show!

Rock Against Fascism – Chicago is an Anti-Imperialist and Proletarian Feminist mass organization that organizes and promotes cultural events in Chicago with Revolutionary politics. This show’s proceeds go to Filipino peasants imprisoned by the US-Marcos Dictatorship for defending their land, in collaboration with Chicago Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines. Sunday, September 4th. Doors at 2:30pm. All Ages. $15 Donation suggested. Location: UE Hall … Continue reading Rock Against Fascism-Chicago Hosts Benefit Show!

Smash The Fascist Music Scene!

By Rojizo ​The neo-fascist movement has surged back into the streets. They are armed, dangerous, and backed by the settler state’s law enforcement agencies, they are the para-military wing of Amerikan Colonialism. How did the fascists make the migration off the internet, back into public spaces to fundraise and plot? The answer is in part, the powerful connecting ties found in their cultural events, specifically neo-nazi … Continue reading Smash The Fascist Music Scene!

Avenge Michael Reinoehl!

Boston, MA December 10th, 2020 On the morning of Thursday, December 10th, antifascist activists placed a banner over Storrow Drive in solidarity with the call to action from the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement. The call was a commemoration of martyred antifascist Michael Reinoehl, who was assassinated by police after defending himself and a friend from fascists. His murder was called for by Donald Trump on Twitter, … Continue reading Avenge Michael Reinoehl!