On the Passing of Comrade Joma Sison

We in the FTP movement, along with the rest of the world proletariat, grieve the death of people’s theoretician, founding Chairman of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), and red warrior Comrade Jose Maria Sison, reported in the official organ of the Central Committee of the CPP, Ang Bayan, which released this statement to the world:

The greatest Filipino of the past century bereaved us peacefully last night. Prof. Jose Ma. Sison, founding chair of the Communist Party of the Philippines, passed away at around 8:40 p.m. (Philippine time) after two weeks confinement in a hospital in Utrecht, The Netherlands. He was 83. The Filipino proletariat and toiling people grieve the death of their teacher and guiding light. The entire Communist Party of the Philippines gives the highest possible tribute to its founding chairman, great Marxist-Leninist-Maoist thinker, patriot, internationalist and revolutionary leader. Even as we mourn, we vow continue to give all our strength and determination to carry the revolution forward guided by the memory and teachings of the people’s beloved Ka Joma. Let the immortal revolutionary spirit of Ka Joma live on!

Comrade Sison is an example of class transformation and abandonment of what could have easily been a life of ease and academic comfort, choosing instead to throw his lot in with the workers and peasants of the world in the struggle for Communism. Obtaining a degree from the University of the Philippines, he applied his sharp mind to the people’s struggle, working as a university lecturer but dedicating the majority of his time to the building of the revolutionary Communist movement, working tirelessly and without complaint to struggle against the revisionism and opportunism that had set itself up in what was supposed to be the Party of the proletariat. On December 26, 1968, Comrade Joma led the reconstitution of the CPP on a properly revolutionary basis, taking into account lessons from the Cultural Revolution which was then underway in the People’s Republic of China. On March 23, 1969, the world saw the birth of the New People’s Army (NPA), which continues to serve as the military arm of the people’s struggle for new democracy on a socialist basis on through to Communism. Comrade Sison’s works include such masterpieces as “Stand for Socialism Against Modern Revisionism”, “Rectify Errors, Rebuild the Party!” and “Philippine Society and Revolution”, along with collected works and articles. These lessons and works were purchased through hard struggle and the blood of revolutionary workers, soldiers, and cadres, and have played a major role in the continuing development of the American Communist movement and the fight to reconstitute our own Communist Party.

Comrade Joma was captured by the Marcos fascist regime in 1977 and subjected to cruel torture, yet never broke or revealed secrets of the Party or Army, continuing to remain first and foremost a disciplined cadre. Here he remained for 9 years, continuing to write and teach from prison. Upon his release, he was driven into exile, had his passport revoked, and was charged with subversion and other criminal acts. The sellout Filipino government tried many times to assassinate or drag him back to the country in chains to face a kangaroo trial, all attempts failed. He remained in exile in the Netherlands until his death, yet never forgot the people’s struggle and never sold out. He played a major role as founding chair of ILPS, an international league of progressive anti-imperialists, and continued to offer his lifetime of experience to proletarian activists and revolutionaries all over the world, remaining accessible and continuing to build the treasury of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism through interviews, articles, and books. He and the Party he played a role in founding are the greatest gift of the Filipino people to the world, and his enduring legacy will be the raising of the red flag over the hills and barrios of his beloved homeland in our lifetime and the founding of the first socialist country of the millenium. 

Long Live Comrade Joma’s Memory and Legacy!

Fight Ever Harder for Revolution in Our Lifetime!

Long Live the CPP!

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