Review of A Tenants’ Organizing Handbook

People’s Voice News has been asked by a national collective to review and advertise the following document submission. The following is not a work of our team, but we will share it in the spirit of camaraderie with fellow travelers. If you or your collective would like PVN to similarly review and share your art, political opinion essay, or other relevant writing please send us an email.

Communism must find a home in American society beyond the ivory towers of universities. This document proposes one such home in the movement for tenant power. Written by the Black and Reds Collective, this manual gives an instructional guide for building a tenant union to help Communists raise revolutionary consciousness throughout the imperial core and also win material gains for the people. This collectively written document is also an invitation for revolutionaries with experience in tenant organizing to chime in on their experiences to broadcast for those in a rut or simply looking for a direction.

While the document tries to take a thorough approach, at least one concept seems rushed in its explanation, such as the “theory of change”. Application of the concept in the revolutionary science is undertested, and undertheorized, demonstrated by the example of a liberal reform rent control measure versus a revolutionary seizure of property. The document would be better equipped to help revolutionaries in the struggle by maintaining the long term goal of property expropriation and community self governance rather than getting bogged down with the minutiae of legalist struggles. Ultimately, the document sets out to draw a road map to making tenant unions revolutionary but fails to conclusively state how this might happen.

Overall, it is an excellent document, thoroughly researched with wonderful graphics that add to the manuals efficacy. PVN looks forward to further engagement with the collective as they test out their hypothesis in their own community of tenants and renters.

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