“Roe vs Wade”: Space Baby’s New Single

Collated by Rojizo

Maoist Rapper, Content Creator, and Comrade Space Baby is doing their part to educate while simultaneously entertaining. They have an entire Youtube channel dedicated to revolutionary content that spans from the Dialectics of Scooby Doo to radical music videos. Space has a unique flow and delivers bar after bar, switching up rhythm schemes and creatively applying theory to their art.

Space Baby’s newest song “Roe vs Wade” dropped yesterday on all streaming platforms, bringing a fresh Revolutionary perspective on the issue of reproductive rights with the message that we must fight to secure them. The song’s excellent sampling creates a soft and somber tone which adds to the quality. While the voice is quiet , the song’s melody creates an atmosphere that gives me goosebumps. The stories are graphic, and really represent the realities of patriarchal capitalism. The first is about a child denied an abortion after sexual abuse by a family member, and the social stigma that survivors face in the aftermath. The second is about Dianna Sanchez, a woman from New York who was forced to give birth in a cell after wrongful imprisonment, a perfect example of the intersection between race, gender, class. The music paints a crystal clear picture of violence that Colonized Women suffer. This song is the anthem as the Women’s movement fights back against patriarchal domination.

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