Smash The Fascist Music Scene!

By Rojizo

The neo-fascist movement has surged back into the streets. They are armed, dangerous, and backed by the settler state’s law enforcement agencies, they are the para-military wing of Amerikan Colonialism. How did the fascists make the migration off the internet, back into public spaces to fundraise and plot? The answer is in part, the powerful connecting ties found in their cultural events, specifically neo-nazi music festivals1, and a dispersed network of local shows.

            From the outset of the Amerikan neo-nazi movement with george lincoln rockwell and francis yockey, to the more modern iterations in mason and pierce, all have agreed on who their primary enemies are. This unity made possible by their unimpeded gatherings has led to an advantage in organizing. They understood the impetus that comes from a community nexus and that it advances their entire movement towards their core goals of national and gender repression, oppression, and genocide. When fascists meet, build trust, and grow their community, it results in further development of their tactics, advancements in recruitment strategies and coordination for actions.

            What the fascists have found is that organizing through art performs many functions, and fulfills their purpose expeditiously. The neo-nazi network is global, hosting festivals from Ukraine to South Africa (Azania), and sundry states in Amerika. These festivals share many characteristics with the mainstream, like overpriced concessions and merchandise. Dozens of these fests happen across Europe yearly, attendance at these festivals is in the thousands2, and it all results in fascists connecting and networking. These festivals are not soft targets. Beyond the large police presence, these festivals are protected by the large, armed, trained fascist militias who promote and organize the events. These groups include Proudboys, Hammerskins, and various fascist media personalities. Targeting one of these festivals is far beyond the current capabilities of what Elder Ed Mead of the George Jackson Brigade calls “the tamed left”. At the current stage of Communist political development in Amerika, were targeting these events even on the radar of the vote and brunch left, the result would most likely result in a 21st century Greensboro Massacre3.

            Stateside, these festivals are gaining traction, which means promoting fascist ideals, fascist recruitment, and most importantly creating a base for material support for the Amerikan neo-nazi movement. Suburbs and outlying towns around cities like Chicago, Houston, and Los Angeles are quietly hosting small shows of artists in the national socialist black metal, 4-chan inspired racist rap4, and right-wing rock scenes. By allowing or ignoring the local scene, antifascists and Communists permit the fascist music scene to grow, and evolve into festivals which generate millions of dollars, and bonds for the fascist movement.

Content Warning the following pictures provide an example of a show and attendees in a recent Illinois event near the Wisconsin border (approx 15 minutes from Kyle Rittenhouse’s hometown): 

Pictured Above: Sonnengrad symbol on shirt, Confederate Battle Flag
Pictured Above: Sonnengrad symbol on shirt, Confederate Battle Flag.
Pictured Above: Attendees of show
Pictured Fascist and Anti-Semitic band Evil Incarnate
Pictured Fascist and Anti-Semitic band Evil Incarnate

How do communists/anti-fascists counteract this growing trend, and undermine the fascists’ ability to organize? What we have displayed is an excellent ability to correctly identify larger events, and an earnest concentrated effort against people like richard spencer, and their orgs like National Policy Institute (NPI) or Charles Martel Society. Where we lack is the on the groundwork required to root out street level neo-fascists. Small collectives must set their sights on developing their military capabilities towards the aim of rooting out the nascent fash gatherings. These present an opportunity to cut our teeth in exploring methods of building militancy through struggle. In his essay On Practice, Mao explains that the process of knowledge begins on the basis of practice and progresses from the shallow understanding to the deep. These military operations will require experience in subterfuge, infiltration, and direct confrontation. The only hope for a final confrontation with fascism requires that we start training now.

 Infiltration in theory begins with familiarization with the subject. Due to the nature of the neo-nazi movement’s online base, it is easy to skim information, such as the pictures above, from right off the internet. The fash need to spread their propaganda, and while they have tacit allies in Congress, Fox News, etc, their explicit promotion is done furtively online. Bring the idea up with your collective and agree on a strategy and method: Logging on to their sites with a VPN and joining fash telegram channels with fake phone numbers, are easy ways to monitor their activities. Subscribe or regularly check established anti-fascist accounts in your area, keep abreast of hashtags. Keep track of fascist band accounts (like Evil Incarnate5 pictured above), pay attention to their interactions and things they promote. This is a low risk way to break into their world, decipher their codes/dog whistles and power map the neo-nazi music scene in your area.

Have courage in the face of struggle, comrades, we are born in it, and forged through it. If we fall in the course of it, we join the legacy of all those who struggled for a free and proletarian future. What greater honor could we expect than to live on in the hearts and minds for all the generations that follow! Mabuhay! Vive! Jai! Long Live Antifascist Fighters!

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