“Better Red Than Dead: Please For the Love of Mao, Organize!”

For The People- Saint Louis Launches New Podcast

Collated by Rojizo

Comrades of FTP-STL have launched a new youtube channel podcast, Better Red Than Dead, in the hopes of inspiring the audience to become Revolutionary Communist organizers, along with sharing their experiences and Communist analysis of issues of the day. In episode 1, embedded below, the hosts discuss organizing ideas and share their experiences/positions on current events.

Listening to the episode, I really got the sense that I was overhearing a conversation between comrades, not a doctored speech or prepared statement of the type that is all too common in the self-aggrandizing Amerikan “Left”. During the course of the video, the 3 comrades crack ironic jokes, make fun of each other, and act as naturally as if you’d met them on the street.

The hope behind this collaborative FTP podcast is to demonstrate the importance of collective action, as well as inform the listeners of a Revolutionary Communist perspective in the Imperial core. Personally, I am hopeful to see where these comrades take this:

“Better Red Than Dead: Please For The Love of Mao, Organize!” on YouTube

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