Yankees Bring Disease and Gendered Violence to ‘Churashima’

By Comrade Rojizo

CW: Discussion of Sexual Abuse

On the island of “Okinawa”, there is no illusion of what US military bases represent. 70% of the Yankee imperialist presence in Japan is in the “Ryukyu” Islands. These islands are distinct culturally from the mainland of Japan, and the Ruu-chuu Minzoku or “Okinawans” (an exonym used by imperialists for the people of Uchinaa) have endured a history of colonization by the Japanese and the Yankees. The Marine Corps Base Smedley Butler on Uchinaa (Okinawa), falls under the MCIPAC or Marine Corps Installation Pacific. It is home to several units such as the 3rd Marine Corps Expeditionary Force (Previously known as the MAF III, this unit was present for the My Lai and My Khe massacres in the US Imperialist War on Vietnam). These bases act as semi-exclaves of the domineering USA, and are tools to facilitate cultural, economic, and political domination. This is made evident by the negligent mishandling of covid among the occupying troops and the disgusting history of gendered violence against the Ruu-chuu Minzoku.

The Yankee government’s mishandling of the corona virus pandemic not only dooms hundreds of thousands of US citizens to death and disfigurement, but also drags along the US colonies such as Uchinaa. The military bases in the Ruu-Chuu islands prevent the government from shutting off the inflow of covid positive foreigners. These foreigners then take leave and infect the local population with impunity, due to the relative ignorance of this novel disease. Reuters reported that, “Though Japan halted the entry of almost all foreign travelers into the country last November, the U.S. military moves staff in and out of the country under a separate testing and quarantine regime”[1]. The Yankee Imperialists do not care about the people they endanger, and the people of Uchinaa are little more than insects to the occupiers.

The dehumanization of the Ruu Chuu Minzoku does not stop with spreading deadly disease. The most jarring case of gendered violence happened in 1995[2], when 3 Yankee servicemen kidnapped a 12-year-old native girl. They brutalized her for hours and then sexually assaulted her. The sham trial showed who was really in charge of Uchinaa, and after the 6 years imprisonment, at least one of them re-offended and murdered the victim. The US routinely sweeps these cases under the rug, but even if tried, the defendants typically get light sentences. For example, Rushane McKoy was arrested last July for an attempted sexual assault of an Okinawan woman in April 2021[3]. During the trial other charges were brought up, including theft of a 62$ handbag. The crime of attempted sexual assault had a maximum penalty of 5 years, but the charge of theft had a maximum penalty of 10 years and a 14,000$ fine, which shows what Yankee imperialists care about native women.

An anonymous source inside MCB has informed PVN of more egregious crimes against humanity committed by the US Marine Corps. Our source has confirmed that the Marines being shipped in from Fort Lejeune (Marine Corps Fort on Lumbee Nation territory) are infected with Covid-19 by the hundreds. The Marines are not tested before boarding aircraft and sent to Uchinaa, to spread the disease. Even more damning is the revelation that another woman was sexually assaulted by a marine in his camp in late September/early October 2021. This case was not publicized according to our source, and the abuser was transferred to a new unit. This is not surprising, as the US Imperialist Military cares little of the well-being of the people it colonizes. If true, this story would be one in the dozens of cases that happens every year. With 18 reported cases of sexual assault by US service members in 2020[4], this account from our anonymous source does not need much corroboration for us to denounce, completely and decisively, the US military presence as a gross violation of Ruu Chuu Mizoku right to national sovereignty and a direct threat to their safety. The crimes of Imperialism should be met with people’s justice!

If you have any information regarding the occupation of Uchinaa, or other places, please do not hesitate to contact us via the Contact button on our website:

[1] https://www.reuters.com/business/healthcare-pharmaceuticals/okinawa-home-us-military-bases-logs-record-covid-cases-2022-01-15/

[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1995_Okinawa_rape_incident#Aftermath

[3] https://www.stripes.com/theaters/asia_pacific/2021-10-18/aafes-marine-corps-okinawa-rape-theft-prison-sentence-3281136.html

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