Rest In Power Dr. Susan Moore: Servant of the People and Exposer of Racist Abuses in American Medicine During COVID-19 Pandemic

Dr. Moore with her son, Henry Muhammad. Photo: Henry Muhammad

By: Huey Dessalines

CARMEL, INDIANA: Black physician Dr. Susan Moore died on December 20th, 2020, after making a video exposing the barbaric treatment she received at the hands of colonizer physicians and nurses at IU Health North Hospital. Dr. Moore takes to task the racist “physician”, Bannec, for a variety of objective crimes against the medical profession, namely, denying potentially lifesaving treatment to a patient because “she didn’t qualify”, and refusing to provide pain medication because he stereotyped Black patients as drug addicts addicted to narcotics. Even more disgusting is the nurse who chose to highlight her (dubious) participation in the Black Lives Matter movement to a Black patient who was dying from COVID-19 complications in large part due to neglect and malfeasance on the part of staff that was supposed to be treating her. Dr. Moore spent her last strength struggling against the racism that she faced at IU North Hospital and correctly pointed out that “this is how Black people get killed”. Throughout history, New Afrikan people have been treated as guinea pigs for experimentation or burdens on the colonial healthcare system that is literally built on our suffering and pain. The entire field of gynecology is built on the unethical and evil experimentation on enslaved Afrikan women’s bodies. The medical profession in the United States is guilty of immense and major crimes against colonized people as a whole, not just Black people. Nelson Denis describes in War Against All Puerto Ricans how colonizer doctors sterilized Boricua women, and stalwart of the Puerto Rican national liberation struggle Don Albizu Campos was tortured to death by radiation in his prison cell. Chicana and New Afrikan women in California, the South and Southwest were forcibly sterilized by the state governments in eugenicist schemes. New Afrikan and Mexican soldiers were subject to chemical weapons experimentation by the United States Army during the Second World War. This is just a brief description of the myriad of crimes committed against colonized people by the settler butchers of the so-called medical profession in the United States.

Dr. Moore’s struggle from her sickbed and the high death rate among colonized people during the COVID-19 pandemic highlights the fact that the bourgeois settler colonial system has a stake in the death and destruction of oppressed nationalities people. The health and well-being of those that it oppresses, enslaves and exploits is not first, second, or even third priority. The preservation of the lives of the rich and white is top priority. Only through revolution and the construction of a people’s health system with physicians who serve, love, and look like the people, physicians such as Dr. Moore, can the well being of the masses of people be ensured.