Avenge Michael Reinoehl!

Boston, MA

December 10th, 2020

On the morning of Thursday, December 10th, antifascist activists placed a banner over Storrow Drive in solidarity with the call to action from the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement. The call was a commemoration of martyred antifascist Michael Reinoehl, who was assassinated by police after defending himself and a friend from fascists.

His murder was called for by Donald Trump on Twitter, and then carried out extrajudicially by a federal law enforcement task force. On August 29th, Reinoehl and his comrade had defended themselves from a group of fascists from Patriot Prayer, and in doing so shot and killed Aaron Danielson, who was an associate of that group. For more information, read here.

Reinoehl’s murder serves as a clear reminder of the role the state and its police forces play in the struggle against fascism. They are not neutral arbiters between two grassroots forces, they actively side with reactionaries and exact punishment on those who would fight against them. We have seen this relationship nurtured on both sides this year, between the white supremacist “Back the Blue” movement, which emerged as a reaction to the George Floyd Uprising, and the extreme violence police forces have used against protesters, particularly in cities like Portland, where Reinoehl was murdered.

We stand in solidarity with the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement and all antifascist fighters everywhere!

Smash fascism! 

Avenge Michael Reinoehl!