No More Brunch: Once Again on the Electoral Farce

Subcomandante Blanco

No matter who wins tonight in the presidential election of the so-called “United States of America”; we, the masses, the proletariat, and especially the colonized people of the world, will lose. If Biden wins, as the liberals across the globe pray for, what gains will we, the working people, see? For those of us who didn’t see the U.S. as a fascist state before 2017, the mask has been lifted; but for countless others, that mask never existed, so if the U.S. was fascist before Trump, how will Biden change that other than changing the face of the state? Does Biden promise to liberate Puerto Rico or the various other internal and external colonies under the control of the U.S.? Does Biden promise to decolonize North America? Does Biden promise to cease American imperialist efforts? No. What Biden promises is that the American genocidal projects will continue, but with an intersectional face instead of a “mask-off” fascist one. While Trump promises to bring more ICE agents, Biden promises that ICE agents will have more queer and colonized inclusivity within their ranks. Whether Trump declares four more years, or Biden declares a return to normal; the material conditions of our world will not change in any way that benefits the downtrodden of the world.

Even the spineless social-democratic politics of people like Bernie Sanders are far, far too much to the left of mainstream American politics to hold any weight in the so-called republican democracy we live in. If even something as simple as healthcare for all is too radical for someone like Biden to support, why should we, the masses, support such a politician? If the state wishes to continue existing with some semblance of trust and validity from the people; it would logically give in to the demands of the people. Yet, time and time again; the state refuses even the most simple demands because they contradict what capital needs. For countless people, the true solution to our world’s problems have become increasingly clear. We cannot trust in bourgeois politicians to make our world better, nor can we trust in billionaire grifters or clout-chasing sign-wavers or celebrities; the only people who can make our lives better are us. Our beautiful blue marble has countless cancers and plagues running across its surface, and the one solution is revolution. The masses already have a passive election boycott, every year less and less of the hardcore of the proletariat go to the polls. Yet we see radical liberal opportunists trying to drag them back to the polls, and getting frustrated when they refuse. Our task as Communists is to turn this passive boycott into an active one that serves to build the Party, and the revolution. This entails active political education and agitation – actively serving, educating, learning from and organizing the people to take what is rightfully ours.

Tonight, November 3, 2020; the winner of this cycle’s presidency may not be decided and there will most likely be a protracted legal battle. On January 20, 2021 that winner which may be declared by a crew of judges will be sworn-in as the new President; and on January 21, 2021; the world will look exactly as it does now. Under Trump, we will see a continuation of the constant escalation of violence from fascists. We will see a continuation of the obvious state-repression of all who refuse to blindly bow to the hegemony of the so-called United States. We will continue to see all of the horrors that we have seen for the last 4 years (or, more accurately, since 1492) Under Biden, the police will continue to slaughter our friends and family with impunity; under Biden, ICE will continue to separate families and hold people who are indigenous to this landmass hostage in their own home; under Biden, the U.S. military-industrial complex will continue its global reign of terror in the name of capital; and there will be fascist violence as well. Under Biden, nothing will change, and this is why we must say “fuck you” to everyone who wants us to return to brunch.

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