On the latest Anti-People cult

Comrade Andy

If you are like any person, you have beliefs. One of the key aspects of being human is the ability to think complex thoughts, and give voice to them. You most likely have eclectic views, or believe in unproven things. The Marxist theory of dialectical materialism (diamat) teaches that objective right and wrong exists, however many people fall prey to metaphysics and idealism. Many more act on them. Beliefs are a very powerful thing, and drive our thinking, and action. Right now, there is a rising belief that is extremely reactionary and extremely dangerous: QAnon. QAnon started on the image board 4Chan in 2017 with a post claiming the imminent arrest of neoliberal corporatist Hillary Clinton by Donald Trump. QAnon has grown from this singular post to a conspiracy theory and potentially burgeoning pseudo-religious movement. If you have read anything about this cult, or known their adherents, the core boils down to a fascistic fantasy of a day of retribution and the apocalyptic millennialism of reactionary Evangelical Christianity. Why should this be a concern? QAnon is a new, potentially violent movement, one of many. Where Marxists are materialists, QAnon creates stories from thin air, idealism. Marxists should be clear and concise, QAnon makes up fantastical codes and byzantine riddles. QAnon encourages isolation from non QAnon members, Marxists should regularly go among and learn from the masses. Although this sect may appear ridiculous, as Mao said, “Political power grows from the barrel of a gun”. QAnon understands this, even if not in this exact wording. How do we combat this? If you see someone you know and love stepping close to QAnon, to struggle with them and intervene. Many good people have been accidentally duped by QAnon fronts (ie. #Savethechildren, the Wayfair cabinet story) and there is a difference between a banal conspiracy theorist and a QAnon member. However, remember to ground yourself in theory and ground yourself in the revolutionary and centered masses, for they are the ones who make revolution and have the power to make history. It is right to rebel!

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