Preparing for a War – Why the Election Won’t Save You

Comrade Andy

200,000+ people in the USA are dead by coronavirus, Louisville is under siege as the masses protest the murder of Breonna Taylor, and an judge who was more reactionary than progressive is dead. Despite the circumstances, many liberals are aggressively hawking for voting, saying that Joe Biden, a rapist, will rescue the regular people from Donald Trump and his fascist goons. Even if Biden wins, there won’t be the peace and prosperity that many liberals think existed prior to Trump, willfully ignoring the circumstances that were there for marginalized people (ie. Ferguson, Standing Rock) prior and the circumstances now. Even if Biden wins, 40% of people on this land won’t just give up and are willing to shed blood. QAnon, a verifiable religious cult centered around Trump and his brethren, won’t evaporate if Biden wins. All signs point to war and you, the reader of this short piece, need to prepare. Learn how to fight and use a weapon, link up with others in your community and organize people’s forums and street committees to build instruments of power.

If you are a Communist or Anarchist reading this, you know what you’re up against and are willing or ready to prepare. If you are a liberal who stumbled across this article and have read this far from a “dirty ultra”, you need to learn quickly. Unlearn your learned helplessness, realize that you have more power than just a ballot and watching the Daily Show. Connect with the more progressive and advanced masses, putting yourself in them like a seed in the soil. The proletarian masses may be more complicated and rough around the edges, but know that they have potential and you can grow alongside them and forge friendships and relationships with them. Know that the more progressive and revolutionary masses exist nearly everywhere, and that connecting with them is your future. The ballot won’t save you and make history, the masses make history through their activity in the class struggle. It is Right to Rebel!

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