Right-Wing Kenosha Killer Charged

By Comrade Dan

August 27, 2020

On August 25th, protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin continued with proletarian vigor in response to the unjustified attempted murder of Jacob Blake by police in the same city. Far-right militia group “Kenosha Guard” made a Facebook event to gather a white-supremacist opposition to the rightful rage of the people. The event gathered thousands of RSVP’s before the night began, with many pigs (notably State officer Paul Swick) expressing support. Several video clips showed the police working with the far right group at the protest. One clip showed the police giving water to them, and in the same clip an officer says to them, “we really appreciate you guys.”

One affiliate of Kenosha Guard was seventeen year old Kyle Rittenhouse. Not a Kenosha native, Kyle’s mother drove Kyle and his AR-15 assault rifle over thirty miles to get to the protests. Kyle’s age made his possession of the gun very illegal, but of course the idea to hold him accountable never crossed a pig’s mind. At the protests, Kyle shot and killed two, and injured a third. Another clip shows Kyle running from the scene, rifle in hand, towards police lines, saying, “I just killed somebody.” Kyle was not arrested, but charges have been brought to him. His first court appearance is scheduled for Friday, 8/28.

This isn’t the first glaring piece of evidence that pigs work with other far-right militias, and it won’t be the last. Through several clips, we see the police escorting and providing aid to the militia. Kyle was not “protecting his town” as some argue; he was not even from the same state. He was looking for an excuse to kill protesters. Kyle’s Facebook account showed that he personally is a pig-lover, with “back the blue” and other similar slogans all over his personal page. This seventeen year old child has already been deeply steeped in Amerikan white-supremacist, settler colonialist ideology, that anyone protesting against his precious piggies must be shot.

These are our enemies, the enforcers of white supremacy armed and funded by the state, and their boot-licking supporters who work for free. Besides attempting to expose how deeply these groups hate us, our only choice is to meet their force with our own. All who oppose white supremacy must be armed and trained. War is quickly approaching.