Activism is Not Terrorism: Oppose the “Anti-Terror” Law in the Philippines and Sharpen the People’s Struggle Against Fascism At Home!

Central Committee of the Maoist Communist Party – Organizing Committee

We, the Central Committee of the Maoist Communist Party – Organizing Committee, have followed with immense concern the continued fascist violations of the rights of the Filipino people to protest and struggle for peace, land and bread. Rodrigo Duterte has consistently trampled on the human rights of the Filipino people – from extrajudicial killings to forcing the people off their land to using the AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines) to commit a wide array of war crimes including rape, torture, and massacres of working people and peasants. We join the international call taken up by revolutionary and progressive organizations for the repeal of this reactionary, fascist law.

As residents of the center of imperialism in the 21st Century, the United States, it is important for us to put laws such as this in context. As capitalism-imperialism stumbles from crisis to crisis, these actions and fascist laws will become more and more frequent and wide-ranging. We see the unjustifiable and unconstitutional deployment of Federal mercenaries and unaccountable paramilitary forces to the streets of US cities such as Portland and Chicago, and the wanton use of weapons of war on the general public engaged in protest against the ongoing police genocide of Black people. We see purposeful targeting of medics and journalists at people’s demonstrations, red-tagging and kidnapping of activists such as Michael Avery and Marcus Hunt in Saint Louis and Saxon Barajas-Weber in Oklahoma City. We see continued murder of activists by fascists in the streets of Seattle and Louisville. This is evidence that the United States is becoming more openly fascist – yet the resistance of the people both at home and overseas continues to grow. The people of the Philippines have three unbeatable weapons, their people’s army, their United Front, and their Communist Party, and the primary task of all revolutionaries in the United States and imperialist countries is to unite and build up the Communist Party here as well – only through these weapons can we fight all manifestations of fascism and capitalism-imperialism in an all-rounded way. The best way to show solidarity against fascism in the Philippines is to build up the Party in the United States.

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