FTP-Baltimore Launches – Principles of Unity

The establishment of For The People (FTP) – Baltimore is the culmination of several months of struggles to unify the most revolutionary comrades in the Greater Baltimore area. This is a formation comprised of dedicated Prison Abolitionists, LGBTQ+ Liberationists, Universal Healthcare Activists, Food Sovereignty Activists, and allies of the Black Liberation movement. We operate on consensus, and dialectically reach solutions to contradictions or issues. In the past few months we have holistically united under the national principles of For The People across the country:

We are an Anti-Capitalist organization. We are committed to combating food and housing insecurity. We are in the process of building a community garden. We support tenant unions/protection programs. We follow the Mass Line theory of leadership. We draw from the revolutions in China, Soviet Union, and the Black Panther Party for Self Defense. We hold political education classes. We are proletarian internationalists. We are Anti-Settler and Anti-Colonial. We are Anti-Racist and Anti-White Supremacist. We are proletarian feminists. We are dedicated to liberation for LGBTQ+. We believe in and practice self-defense.

Since beginning the process of building a revolutionary organization in Baltimore, our membership has helped found Chuck The Chains, a prison abolition group that held political education classes for college students, financially supported prisoners/former-prisoners, and supported the campaign against ICE. We have supported the Reprohotline at Towson University and delivered dozens of care packs of emergency contraceptive, condoms, and pregnancy tests to folks of all genders. We have allied ourselves with the movement to reign in Johns Hopkins Corporation and combat them as the primary imperialist power in the city. We have organized food distributions alongside churches and community leaders which has led to us serving thousands of people. We have organized protests and aided workers struggles, fighting against racism, sexism as well as capitalist exploitation.

Through our study sessions, we have struggled with the white supremacist bourgeoisie conception of history and against the anti-people ideology it fosters. We have developed a sharper and more correct materialist image of history through political line struggle. We have used this knowledge to conduct tenant surveys around the issues of rent prices and gentrification, that informed and agitated the masses for proletarian interests. We have worked with and analyzed other political formations in the DMV, and found that the formation of a new and revolutionary group was necessary to advance the cause of scientific socialism.

To create a sense of community where everyone feels welcome, transgender members of our organization have led a group of other transgender and nonbinary individuals, allowing them to learn about different identities and how to combat the forces of homophobia, and transphobia to survive in a society that does not care about them. We have joined groups of people with similar but different identities, for the purpose of learning the struggles of other marginalized groups and to stir them to see that the solution to their struggles is not rainbow capitalism, but revolution.

We have written and published articles exposing the contradictions between oppressed people and the global capitalist system, who face problems often forgotten about or ignored. We shall adhere to this Code of Conduct for FTP-Baltimore during actions:

  1. We do not cooperate with, nor associate with Police, or Law Enforcement Officers. Pigs are enemies of the People we serve, and we do not foster friendly relations with enemies of the working class. Our membership does not fraternize with the pigs. Negotiations with the pigs are conducted professionally and with forethought.
  2. We do not attend actions inebriated or under the influence of drugs. These substances dull our senses and distract from the important work of serving the masses. Our actions are not parties, and we do not take our responsibility to the people lightly.
  3. We treat everyone in the community with respect, regardless of social stigma or bias. We are the servants of the oppressed, the downtrodden, the poor, and the infirm.
    Members agree to the following rules of Membership:
    A. Be honest and fair in all your dealings within the FTP chapter, the community, and amongst friends and family.
    B. Assist your collective to the best of your ability, give graciously to those who ask.
    C. Struggle against liberal and reactionary ideas in yourself, in your comrades, and in the community.
    D. Protect yourself and your comrades at all times. Adhere to security culture, and stay in a state of self-defense readiness.
    E. Hone your revolutionary ideology, promote revolution above reform, and be militant in your study, in your training, and in your action.

To contact us see our website (ftpbaltimore.com) or email us: ftpbaltimore@protonmail.com

Solidarity with all oppressed nations and classes!
Long live people’s revolution!
Victory to the MCP-OC and FTP!