Spate of Mysterious Hangings of Black People Calls for Revolutionary Self-Defense!

Comrade Toussaint


6 New Afrikan and Latinx people have been found hanging from trees since May 27th, amidst the widespread people’s rebellion against police murder that has shook the world. Malcolm Harsch was found hanging in Victorville, CA, on May 31. Robert Fuller was found hanging from a tree in Palmdale, CA on June 10. A trans woman named Titi Gulley was found hanging in Portland on May 27th. Dominique Alexander was found hanging in New York City on June 9th. Finally, a New Afrikan man and a Latinx man were found hanging in Texas. All families of the victims have ruled out suicide and speak of cover-ups by the ruling class authorities to attempt to keep the lid on flaring racial tensions. There are also reports of tied nooses, a grim warning by settler fascists, being found in parks across the country.

Once again, we see that the old settler class is resorting to its main trick, violence, to attempt to put a lid on the people’s rebellion. The old State uses police force, mild concessions, reactionary sellouts like Al Sharpton and the BLM Foundation, and protest police to engage in counterinsurgency measures. The fascists on the street use direct and brutal violence. We’ve seen BLM protests in small towns confronted and surrounded by armed reactionaries, and a progressive comrade at a demonstration against the statue of the conquistador Oñate in Albuquerque, NM was shot by reactionary Steven Baca. In essence, we can describe ourselves as being in a state of low intensity warfare. Time is up for peaceful protest and appeasement of the enemy. The enemy has kneeled right beside the protesters and then gotten up to smash their heads and faces with rubber bullets and choke us with tear gas. Now is the time to organize for revolutionary self-defense. The fact that the simple statement “Black Lives Matter” is violently controversial tells us all we need to know. Tomorrow is Juneteenth, the day where New Afrikans celebrate liberation from chattel slavery. Our liberation was conquered by force from the old Southern feudal planter class, it was not kneeled for, nor was it conceded through anything except life and death struggle on the battlefield. All things worth having are fought for, our rights and our peace is taken through combat with the enemy.

The MCP-OC has called for and is actively working towards the formation of People’s Forums and People’s Committees across the country to conquer and build the new power. Part of this process is the formation of People’s Revolutionary Self-Defense formations under the direct control of the People’s Committees to protect our demonstrations, our neighborhoods, and our gains. In light of these recent attacks on the New Afrikan people, our response is to build deeper ties with the people, encourage them to arm themselves, and build fortresses against the reactionary terror. These forces must be steeled through class struggle and developed politically through mass education and group study. These forces will also be developed into cadre in FTP intermediate organizations and the most advanced will be welcomed into the ranks of the MCP-OC as cadre. The role of the Maoist formation is not to simply analyze conditions, but organize and develop the people and root itself in them, spreading revolutionary proletarian ideology and building the Party step by step.

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