A Single Spark Can Start a Precinct Fire: On the Historic Victory of the People of Minneapolis at the Third Precinct

For the People – Twin Cities

On the night of May 28th, the People, the colonized masses (particularly the New Afrikan masses) of Minneapolis achieved an enormous victory. They rose up, in the name of justice for George Floyd and all Black and Indigenous peoples that have been murdered by the settler-colonial state, and drove the pigs out of their tin fortress, took their armaments, redistributed them, and burned the station down. The People are claiming what is rightfully theirs through sheer, uncompromising militancy. The settler-imperialist state of the so-called united states is crumbling before our very eyes. The People understand the lies of reformism and electoralism, their false promises, and they have declared No More! Enough is enough! And they have learned their own power, that when united, nothing can stop the People.

Additionally, it should be noted that what was displayed in Minneapolis that evening (and the evenings that have followed) represented the tenets of protracted people’s war in microcosm. Over the course of three days, the People gathered outside of the precinct, throwing bottles, shooting fireworks at pigs, extinguishing tear gas, looting Target to redistribute wealth, ripping down the barricades… they were unwavering. Moving from strategic defensive defined by occasional tactical retreats and regroupings, to strategic equilibrium in which the masses had gained the position to begin genuinely challenging the precinct’s line of defense, and finally the strategic offensive, culminating in the storming, expropriation, and destruction of the precinct.  Nothing could stop them, and they soon declared victory as the pigs destroyed their own barricade in order to escape the righteous wrath of the masses. And with the fire of the tin fortress in the background, the People drank, they danced, they laughed, they fucking partied. A vestige defeated, the People encouraged. The paper tiger was battered by the wind and the rain.

A new future is possible; dare we say, within our grasp. Revolutionary optimism is warranted. Nihilism and defeatism reflects a revolutionary who does not listen to the People, who does not follow the mass line, who does not do any social investigation but sits and demands others to engage in petty, vapid ideological debates, or pointless reformist projects. This is not an ally of the People, and the People know this. They understand their own militant struggle better than someone who sat and memorized all the works of Lenin and Mao but has not actually applied that knowledge in order to struggle and fight alongside them.

It is clear whom among the masses are the most advanced and militant, and it is with them that the future of humanity is possible. We must unite with them, we must fight alongside them and learn with them through struggle and through combat.

And while revolutionary optimism is warranted, we must also acknowledge that these uprisings are spontaneous. They lack clear leadership and organization even with their profound success, and as the successes of the spontaneous uprisings build, we see the need to strategize a plan for longevity with the People.  Our principal task as communists is to work tirelessly to transform the character of these rebellions from that of spontaneous rebellion to that of organized and sustained revolution, and we know that, in regards to learning how to carry that task out, there is no greater teacher than experience in the crucible of struggle itself. The pigs will grow tired and weaken and we will bolster strength and build power.  Let the People carry forward this first victory of many more to come. This is the beginning of a movement that cannot be stopped; not when the People are witnessing the power they have in their hands, the hundreds of hands that took the precinct by storm. This is the righteous rage of the People that burns and burns and will not be snuffed out by any pig or settler state entity. Now more than ever we see through our own experience what Mao really meant when he said “a single spark can start a prairie fire”… or in this case, a precinct fire.

Together and forward!

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