ICE Officers Pepper-Spray, Brutalize Detainees Who Refuse to Sign Documents Testifying Cleanliness, Humane Treatment

May 2, 2020

DARTMOUTH, MA – On the evening of May 1st, correctional officers in the Bristol County ICE detention center violently
assaulted those detained, filling the room with pepper spray, and causing several people to faint. Bristol County sheriff brazenly lied about the events which transpired Friday evening, claiming that
the people detained refused to be tested for COVID-19 and attacked correctional officers and the sheriff upon hearing that
they were to be tested. This flies in the face of the reports we are hearing from those in Unit B of Bristol County ICE custody, who are reporting that people are being refused medical treatment, and instead being brought into solitary confinement.

Upon being told to pack up their bags, they prepared to be taken
to be tortured in solitary confinement, as has become the norm in the epicenter of the u.s.a.’s internal war of aggression against colonized people. A simple solution, for the violent hands and feet
of the bourgeois settler empire, who would rather see colonized people suffer than receive basic medical treatment.

Asked to sign a paper testifying to the cleanliness and humanity of their conditions, the people detained courageously refused to sign on to their own repression. In accordance with the brutal reality of settler colonialism, cops began to assault people in Unit B and filling the room with pepper spray, a violently absurd response that could only come from the “keepers of the peace” so
used to their undefiable position above the law.

One person reported, “the sheriff approached me violently, grabbed my arm and scratched me, police came with pepper spray, spraying in everyone’s face and spraying in my mouth, and I suffer asthma.” Another person called his sister to inform her of the cruelty they were facing in the unit. He confirmed the truth,
contrary to the lying accusations of the sheriff, that it was indeed the cops who were breaking glass, only to later blame those detained for the damages!

The abject disregard for the health of people detained is a testament to the utter cruelty of the so-called u.s.a. It is time for the capitalist-imperialist assault on the colonized working class to come to a halt. As Chairman Mao said, “wherever there is
oppression, there is resistance.” We stand with the colonized proletariat in its noble and world-historic struggle against the evils of capitalism-imperialism and settler colonialism for a new and better world, a communist world! Indeed, it is right to rebel!