Reportback: Missouri People’s Self Defense Organizations Protect Counterprotest Against Reactionary Bill

By Comrade Syspila

March 13, 2020

This protest was against a bill introduced into the Missouri House that would bar libraries from hosting Drag Time Story Hour. With fines or jail times as punishment for hosting them. This protest was schedule for 12pm on Monday, 03/07/2020 outside the capital building. Scheduled at 11am on the same day was a protest supporting the bill inside the Capitol. Attendees seen entering were fascist American Guard members, MAD (Mothers Against Drag). Many, many Trump supporters, and many MAGA hats were seen. Also scheduled at 11am was a protest in support of the bill by Westboro Baptist Church. This was outside, and on the opposite side of the Pro Drag Time protest. There was no interaction. As the American Guard members arrived, they were greeted pleasantly by the cops, whereas the same cops never greeted any Pro Drag Story Time protestor the same way. American Guard members were wearing hoodies and shirts with logos and American Guard on them, even while inside the Capitol. There were 10 members in all.

The Pro Drag Time protest started at noon, at that time, the number of protestors numbered close to 200, and led by Parasol Patrol. A group founded to shield children from the hate leveled at, and during, Drag Time Story Hours. Over a dozen members of three Missouri People’s Self-Defense Organizations were in attendance providing security, as well. American Guard members did come to try and disrupt the protest. Upon realizing they were vastly out numbered, and after being taunted by the Pro Drag protesters for 10-15 minutes, the American Guard members left in defeat. The overall event went very well, and, all things considered, should be viewed as a success, though, the future of the bill is still in question as it has been introduced, but not signed.

It is essential for revolutionary and progressive organizations to unite and defend the people when they demonstrate against reactionary laws. Fascists such as Atomwaffen and American Guard have demonstrated their willingness and capability to target and attack the masses at protests, and at their homes. As the enemy sharpens their swords, so must we sharpen ours.

Reactionaries at the Missouri State Capitol