Masses in New York City Continue Struggle Against MTA, NYPD, With Mass Demonstrations

By Huey Dessalines

January 31, 2020

NEW YORK CITY: The masses, responding to the call of revolutionary people’s organization FTP Formation/Decolonize This Place (DTP), once again took to the streets and subway stations of New York City this evening in direct action against the presence of NYPD pigs in city subways, who exist to harass, arrest and torment working class, oppressed nationality youths and elders engaging in their normal course of daily business. The action began with preparatory activity early this morning. Superglue was used to creatively sabotage fare card readers, emergency exit doors were chained open at stations across the city, and a variety of revolutionary propaganda denouncing the very existence of the fare system and the police system went up across the city. 

The police, true to their class stand and function, swarmed the city’s subway system with K-9 units, officers and other equipment and personnel to make brutal arrests and continue to extract money for the capitalists running the MTA system and the city. The masses expressed their support for the action in a variety of ways. The local CBS News Affiliate reports:

“Most of the people getting arrested in the subways are houseless people and people who are jumping the fare cause they can’t afford it,” said another woman outside Grand Center. “These issues are affecting actual lives and I think it deserves more compassion and understanding why police presence can be really dangerous for a lot of people.” Members of the group were seen squirting paint on the OMNY readers, hanging banners inside the Oculus station, and pouring quick-set glue inside the turnstiles at 72nd Street and Central Park West. At the same station, there was anti-police graffiti splashed across the wall.” 

This mass solidarity and support against the police and the transit authority could only come from a movement led by the lowest and deepest of the masses and with a solid ideological program that is centered around praxis instead of sitting in stale rooms quibbling and splintering. This is a progressive, revolutionary movement that is bringing the mass protests against neoliberalism that have been seen overseas to the belly of the beast. It is our hope that others learn from these revolutionaries in NYC and begin creatively applying the line and tactics seen in the streets of that metropolis to their own cities and towns. The fundamental principle of Marxism is that it is right to rebel against reactionaries. We encourage our readers to follow and donate to Decolonize this Place/FTP Formation.