Chicago Man Killed In Front of Family By Pigs

By Joe O’Ceallaigh

CHICAGO: On Thursday, January 2nd, Thirty year old father Mariano Ocon Jr., was murdered after a traffic stop on the city’s Northwest side in the Belmont Cragin neighborhood, from gunshot wounds caused by Chicago Pig gun fire. Police pulled over Ocon on the 6000 block of West Wellington Avenue at 12:30 PM for an unknown reason. Witnesses say Ocon stepped out of the car, where his wife and children were sitting inside, putting his “hands up” above his head.

Pigs claim Ocon began to run, and a foot chase ensued. However, witnesses say police started shooting as he was getting out of the car, causing Ocon to run. After a short distance, police shot Ocon multiple times execution style in view of his family in the car. Pigs are saying Ocon died from a self-inflicted gunshot to the head before they shot him multiple times in the upper body, accusing his family and other witnesses of lying about what happened at the scene. But we know who the real liars are.

This is not the first time we have seen this trick from pigs, or in particular the Chicago Police Department (CPD), using the claim of suicide to hide their violent actions against colonized people. In 2018, 15 year old Steven Rothenthal, who was killed by police during a foot chase, when after pigs said Steven had killed himself with a gunshot to the back of the head.

Police in the settler colonial state are nothing more than modern day slave catchers. Chicago is no different. The CPD is the biggest gang in the city, equipped with a city budget which floods the department with millions of dollars a day. They operate illegal black sites where they capture and torture people at will. Murder. Cover ups. All the while enjoying the unconditional support from the power structure.

The murder of Marciano Ocon Jr. is yet another example for the need of organized, armed self-defense of colonized people. All serious Communists must work to build new organs of political power that can facilitate the people’s defense and control over their communities. We will continue to organize the people around these lines and expose the pig for his true nature: the enemy of the people.