Settler Opportunist Formation Vandalizes FTP-STL Community Garden

November 11 2019

By Huey Dessalines

SAINT LOUIS: Late last night, a group of so-called “Maoists” attacked a community food garden maintained by organizers from FTP-STL. Plots were vandalized, wooden beds were smashed and broken, and paint was thrown on the beds. There was a large, professionally made poster wheatpasted on a vacant building next door with a slogan claiming that FTP-STL “is using your neighborhood to further their political careers.” We take note of the fact that this was obviously done by outside forces alien to the community due to the use of “your neighborhood” instead of “our neighborhood”.

This garden is a step towards the development of alternative infrastructure for the masses of North STL where many of FTP-STL’s members live and have family ties. We are guided by the principle that mass organizations must first be of service to the people they seek to organize. Dogmatism and abstract theory means nothing if it is not put into practice.

The produce grown in the garden goes directly into the stomachs of the masses of homeless and working people in Saint Louis and is recognized as a tangible asset to the lowest and deepest masses of this community. It is very odd that so-called Maoists take pride in attempting to destroy a New Afrikan organized and guided project that is united with by the masses in the community and attempting to take food out of the mouths of Black children. Contrary to popular belief, not all Maoists want to recreate the supposed famine during the Great Leap Forward. 

This marks the latest provocation carried out by a small band of left opportunists in Saint Louis who have taken it upon themselves to attack FTPSTL organizers and supporters. Members have seen makeshift coffins with dead rats left on members’ porches, flyers accusing our organizers of being “slumlords” with no proof, and various other idiotic, slanderous and strange things. The masses notify comrades of these things and they are explained the difference between our work and the work of phony communists like this sect.

This following a national trend of so-called “principally Maoist” formations seeking to wage positional warfare against other left formations through disrupting their events and stalking type behavior. This is not a new trend, seemingly being borrowed from the Lyndon LaRouche school of organizing. Contrary to their presumptions otherwise, this behavior alienates themselves from the basic masses and does not work towards the establishment of a correctly guided Marxist-Leninist-Maoist party in the United States. The presence and behavior of this sect is not atypical for the adventurist settler left which, instead of serving the people and combating their white chauvinist tendencies, pursue the left dogmatist path and reacts to isolation with frustration and childish temper tantrums. 

The FTP movement will continue to grow, because it is dedicated to the unity of the broad masses of people against capitalism, imperialism and fascism. The actions of a few tiny sects that have a loud bark and a few poorly written instances of stereotyped writing but are notoriously absent when it is time to struggle against the police, slumlords, and others of that type will not stop the growth of this movement. We encourage the development of a united front against both fascism and opportunism and the continued development of the FTP movement on a principled basis.

We encourage any of the participants in this foolish wrecker action last night who are capable of critical thinking to think hard and long about the consequences of your actions and ask yourselves whether or not venturing into North Saint Louis to wreck black organizers’ work is in the best interests of yourselves, your reputation which is already sullied by various other acts of stupidity committed by your “comrades” (most recently the reckless and stupid action taken against Kansas City Democratic Socialists of America in which an elderly IWOC organizer was beaten), and the Communist movement that you claim to want to build, pull away from this stupidity, steel yourselves in actual class struggle and productive work that improves the lives of colonized people, and unite with the FTP movement against our real enemies. You are not the first sect in the Left’s history to see actions of this type as “revolutionary”.

Many sects, understandably sick of the right opportunism which is standard, gravitate to left opportunism. These sects have always been proven to have been infiltrated by the state or end up swinging hard to the right. We encourage you to stop making fools out of yourselves and trying to fight the people’s movement, conduct a deep self-criticism and investigation, cease the arrogance and white chauvinist rhetoric and behavior, put aside personal vendettas, and rejoin the ranks of the growing revolution. Attempting to take food from the mouths of black children is a shameful and anti-people act and a perfect manifestation of the settler opportunism and arrogance that you claim to be against.