FTP/MCP/OK-PDF/Brown Berets Cadre in Oklahoma Conduct Training

By Mateo El Rojo

NOVEMBER 1, 2019

On November 1st, “Constitutional Carry” (a law allowing the open or concealed carrying of pistols, rifles, and shotguns) went into effect in Oklahoma. The immediate result was white conservatives “auditing” black neighborhoods, businesses, and religious centers, by walking through carrying weapons, demanding to interact with the people there. The Oklahoma People’s Party, guided by its embedded MCP-OC cadre and FTP membership, had anticipated this sort of reaction, as well as a gradual increase in threats and hostilities. In preparation, at the request of OPP, their armed wing, the People’s Defense Force, held the first in a series of training camps. The training covered various security techniques, as well as basic combat techniques, aimed at the goal of the defense of marginalized communities.

The OK-PDF, along with a representative from the Brown Berets, headed out on November 2nd to tribal land owned by the family of an OPP/OK-PDF member. We arrived and set up camp, prepared the logistical side of the camp (food prep, sanitation, sleeping arrangements, etc). Once the camp was settled in, we massed in formation to begin the instruction portion of the camp. Instructors went over the 10 general orders of a sentry used by the OK-PDF, the three rules of discipline, 8 points of attention, basic formations for marching, security lines, and ambush/defensive formations. Food was started and we headed over to the firing range for weapons training.

At the firing range, an introductory talk was given about general firearms safety for the benefit of new members, as well as a reminder to more veteran members. The training focused on firing from a crouched position as well as a prone position, and transitioning while firing. All participants were encouraged to fire each others guns and familiarize themselves with various weapons systems. In the Ok-PDF, there is a significant emphasis on standardizing ammunition, and most weapons fall into 12ga, .223/5.56, .308, and 9mm, but that still leaves a lot of room for various weapons and members are expected to be versatile.

After the weapons training, the group moved in formation back to the camp area for dinner. Everyone shared in the making and serving of food, and night watches were set up to run until daybreak. Firewatch shifts began and the campers were dismissed to spend the evening freely. Most campers stayed put and discussed political and social theory, as well as fears and concerns about the future.

At 0600, November 3rd, the final fire-watch of the night prepared breakfast, called people to wake up and eat, and camp was torn down. Originally, there was an airsoft game scheduled to take place as training, but the infamous Oklahoma wind had picked up early in the morning, making airsoft somewhat impractical.

Instead, campers moved back over to the training area so that OK-PDF members could be sworn in by reciting the OK-PDF oath of allegiance. While the OK-PDF is the armed wing of the OPP, non-party members can join as well, and much to the pleasant surprise of those attending, the representative from the Brown Berets requested to be sworn in, and honored those in attendance with membership in the Saint Patrick’s Battalion, which is an award given by the ABB-OK to people who have shown exceptional dedication to the cause of national liberation for colonized nations.